The Glory Launch

An evening full of love, support, talent, and curiosity. The Gloria's launch party at Spring Place was a success in every way – we had the pleasure of inviting our closest friends and colleagues to join us for an exclusive first view of our highly anticipated bridal universe. Our head curator and Creative Director Francesca Miranda rose to the occasion by simultaneously releasing her Fall 2022 Bridal Couture Collection, debuting it online for the first time on The Gloria.

Several surprises were unveiled on October 7th, as elegant models swayed gracefully in FM's latest Couture gowns at the center of the dramatic, fiery red venue. With timeless embroidery and shockingly beautiful details, the social evening became more of a cultural moment full of rich, Latin American influence.

Racks of never-before-seen numbers accompanied the honorable guests. The Bridal Ready-to-Wear line caused a commotion: its soft silks and easy silhouettes allow for the pieces to be worn forever, differing from traditional bridal attire and opening up a world of possibilities.

The pieces were seamlessly displayed side by side with the Home line, FM's personal favorite. Artisanal textures merged with modern design details set these decor and furniture pieces apart – more than a home line, they felt like a curated selection of objects of art. Our personal favourites? The Flor Chess Set, the Raya Weave Pillows, and the Ozo Bar.

We're happy to have been accompanied by such talented and tasteful individuals. Browse below to get a closer look at the exhibit.

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